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Post-License Danger Zone

NEW - Post-License Danger Zone Training from Pulse Driving

Pulse Driving has developed a revolutionary new training program to protect novice drivers by sending out driver training modules each month for one year after the student has completed their driver training. The program is online and mobile-enabled for any smartphone, tablet or computer, no downloads necessary. Specifically targeting the leading causes of teen crashes, information is presented in "bitesized" chunks and through spaced learning the student will retain the information learned during their BKDS training longer.

Studies have shown that 1 in 5 teens will be involved in a collision in their first year of driving and that the first 6 months of licensure is the riskiest time in a drivers career. BKDS is proud to prepare students for the road through our pre-license training and even more proud to become a partner with parents and new drivers in the next stage of their driving development.
Complimentary subscription of the program is included in the package for parents to enable more active involvement in the program. Increased parent involvement has also been shown to reduce the probability of collisions in novice drivers.

Available in English and Spanish.


Please review the Pulse Driving Brochure (click here)!