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About Our Drivers Ed School in Muskego Wisconsin

The owner is Todd Nelson,  who retired from the Muskego police department in 2014.  Todd has six years of classroom experience as a D.A.R.E. officer at area schools and has  spent many years enforcing traffic laws and seeing the results of drivers who did not obey those laws

Combined with other instructors, we have nearly 60 years  of traffic enforcement and traffic accident investigation experience. Our experience was not done "driving a desk" but rather behind the wheel operation of vehicle,witnessing first hand the causes and results of driver errors and driver actions. We do not read about it and tell it to our students second hand. They get the information from someone who has experienced the effects of driver errors and action first hand. We were trained in high stress, emergency operation of emergency vehicles and defensive driving. Our training as police officers was hands on/BTW training which was conducted AT LEAST once a yr! Most other driving school instructors can not begign to match this training  As a result,this knowledge is integrated into our classroom instruction and behind the wheel lessons.* This is what makes us  THE MORE QUALIFIED choice for the student driver.

Our staff includes former police officers Jon Johnson, Richard Haines . These  former officers provide years of experience as police officers and their insight into what it takes to be a safe driver.


Police officers have a vested interest in the community and strive to make our streets safer to drive for everyone in society. One of our most important goals is to produce the safest drivers of any program available.

Instruction consists of the mandatory 30 hour DOT approved classroom session. We operate a hybrid classroom /online program 10 hrs classroom/20 hr online classroom as well as a 30hr all online classroom program, which is followed by Behind the Wheel (BTW) lessons consisting of six hours of driving, and six hours of observation. The student is scheduled for a two hour drive lesson with another student. One student observes while the other drives. Each student alternates driving and observing for 1 hour each. Temporary license testing is done at our school. Temporary license testing will be offered immediately following a class on a date determined by the instructor.( Usually the third Wed of classes) We will hold the MV3001 temp form for students until they inform us they are 15 1/2, at which time the form can be picked up or mailed to the students.Online coursework is completed at the following site-www.teachsafe.com. Per DOT rules students are not allowed to complete more that 2 hrs of driver education a day,so no online work for the hybrid classroom is allowed during the week students attend driver ed classroom in person. Online coursework must be completed within 90 days of the date the 1st lesson is started. If not finished in that time period extensions may be granted for $15 for 30 day extension

We generally have the student partake in the first behind the wheel session within two weeks of completing the classroom instruction. The remainder of the BTW lessons take place over the next five months. The first BTW lesson must take place within 60 days of the student obtaining their instructional permit application. (see FAQ section for details) Students are allowed two(2) appointments on the schedule at a time. Students will not be permitted to schedule within 21 days of another BTW lesson without instructor permission. Student drivers are required to possess the instructional permit for six months before they are allowed to take the road test. At home pickup is offered within the Mukwonago,Muskego or New Berlin School districts only. Students residing in other areas will be asked to meet at a mutaully agreed upon location.

Our fleet of instruction cars currently is comprised of  2 Hyundai Sonota Hybrids and a Toyota Camry). All of our cars are rated by  IIHS and NHTSA as top safety picks! This is something we look for when choosing cars for our fleet to insure the safety of students as much as possible. All are equipped witha instructor brake as required by DOT. All cars must pass a yearly safety inspection per DOT regulations as well.

We schedule our students in this manner so that we can see the progression of their driving skills and correct any improper skills prior to the the road test. We have found this schedule to greatly enhance the students abilities to pass their road test the !st time!! We feel skills that are established over a period of time stay with a student. We do NOT try to get students in and out the door as quickly as possible just to enhance our bottom line. However, if a student and parent requests to have the lessons completed at a different pace, we can accommodate within DOT rules.

Fees must be paid in full before behind the wheel lessons begin. If taking classroom only fees are due in full at start of classroom.


If signing up for BEHIND THE WHEEL ONLY (BTW)----


BKDS will need a copy of the classroom completion certificate from the driver training school the student attended (if under 18yrs old). A contract must then be signed, and we will issue a MV3001 form to student so they may take the instructional permit test at DMV. Once these steps are completed, students enter the DL # from permit into their online account to schedule BTW lesson. Balances must be paid in full before 1st lesson or the lesson will not take place. Failure to follow these DOT rules will result in scheduled lessons being cancelled. If you have questions,call us BEFORE signing up!! 414-422-0911 or email info@blueknightdrivingschool.com



*during peak enrollment times, BTW instructor may be not be a former law enforcement officer